Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Hope to have a smooth & pain-free wisdom tooth removal Procedure?

You are at the right place.

Have been experiencing Lingering Pain on and off At the Back of Your Lower Jaw? This might be Signs of An Impacted Wisdom Tooth or Better known as Third Molar . The Best Solution Most of the Time would be To Get it Surgically Removed by an Oral Surgeon

Impacted Third Molar will cause Intermittent pain & swelling in the side affected. It is always recommended to remove it instead of constantly taking antibiotics or pain medications.

Third Molar Surgeries are quite commonly done in Malaysia. It is considered a simple oral surgery which involved a small cut (after thoroughly numbing your gums of course) and also a little removal of your bone surrounding the “stuck” wisdom tooth.

Third molar Surgeries can be done consciously but that will increase other risks compared to a local anaesthetic. Our resident dentists in Dentist3 Clinics usually will be able to remove your wisdom tooth in a One hour+ procedure.


Come in for almost free dental consultation with in-depth understanding of the underlying causes and treatment options for your impacted wisdom tooth

Book an hour appointment to have your wisdom tooth surgically removed

Receive after treatment care package from Dentist3 Dental Clinic

Come back after 1 week for sutures removal (if needed)

Wisdom Tooth impaction can cause :

1) Erosion Cavity – this happens when your 3rd molar is “impacted” or pressuring your 2nd molar (second molar) and cause dental caries or cavity at the root or crown of your second molar

2) Dental Cysts – although quite rare, this condition like a cyst can destroy your bone and damage your other tooth as well (your second molar)

3) Crowding – your 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) can also push harder against your other teeth and will cause your front tooth and other teeth to be misaligned and crowded over time

4) Gum (gingival) infection and inflammation – your wisdom tooth (third molar) will also cause bacterial and food impaction around the area which ultimately will lead to gum infection which will cause you pain and discomfort on and off

Treatment Done at Dentist3

Wisdom tooth

Gigi bongsu 智慧牙Gigi bongsu

Wisdom tooth

Gigi bongsu 智慧牙Gigi bongsu

Wisdom tooth

Gigi bongsu 智慧牙Gigi bongsu

Wisdom Tooth


Wisdom tooth

Gigi bongsu 智慧牙Gigi bongsu

Wisdom tooth

Gigi bongsu 智慧牙Gigi bongsu

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