Dentist3™ Free Time Task List 2019

Priority Of Tasks NOT in Order

  1. Go through Dental Materials & Instruments Available in The Clinic , Report Low Stock to Manager
  2. Follow up with Previous Patients Who Missed their Appointments & Reschedule Their Appointments
  3. Follow up Patients from Previous Month ( RCT, MOS , Crown & Bridge , Dentures)
  4. Dust Cabinets & Tabletops by Removing Blocking Items (Reception, Treatment Room, Waiting Lounge)
  5. Read Through Nurses’ Manuals and/or ask Dentist regarding New & Updated Procedure Methods & Materials
  6. Wipe Glass Doors & Windows to Remove Fingerprints
  7. Refill Water in Stand Humidifier Fan
  8. Think of a few Dental Treatment Promotion Ideas & Discuss with Dr.
  9. Update Blackboard in the Clinic & place it outside or downstairs
  10. Go through recent Dental Materials promotions & report to Manager if got Good Discounted purchase
  11. Go through Cleanliness of the Clinic & Report if Got any Abnormalities Found & proceed with cleaning
  12. Go through Clinic Whatsapp & Check If There’s any Missed Messages & Proceed with Replying
  13. Clean Delicate Composites, Materials and containers (Filling Materials / Root Canal Materials/ K-file box protaper container)
  14. Oil-ing, Polishing dental Instruments, Forceps, Hand-pieces
  15. Cleaning Outside areas of the Clinic (Stairs & Corridors)
  1. Suggesting on how to decorate the clinic (Manager will approve on buy materials            if is interesting)
  2. Check Instruments for cleanliness & polish if necessary


Optional-to-do Task Lists . Not Compulsory .  Up to you on what to do & when to do.

The amount of Tasks Completed Will be Factored In Your Annual Bonus Incentive Scheme along with our No Leave / MC annual bonus award .

To Ensure Fair Play , Please Inform Dr.  Once you Have completed A Task.

If Dr is busy , Let your Colleagues know .


After that, Proceed to Update Your Personal Google Drive File (Excel)