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Self-Ligating Braces . Pendakap Gigi . Ortho 绑牙

Dentist3™ Clinic provides 2 main types of Orthodontics (Braces) treatments.
– Conventional Braces
– Self-Ligating Braces

Conventional Braces are the ones with Rubber “O”-Rings which Functions to Secure The Braces Wires in place. While Self-ligating Braces Doesn’t Require the Rubber “O”-Rings to secure the Wires; Instead For Self-Ligating, there Are Alloy Clips In place That Securely Fastens the Wires In Place.

Benefits of Self-ligating Braces :

– Reduced Treatment Time
– Reduced Pressure & Pain*
– More Effective Results

Here at Dentist3 we are Using 2 Self-ligating Brands –
Hubit (Korean Made) &
Damon (American Made)

Both have their own uses for indications

Hubit Proposed Treatment Fees : MYR 6500+ (HUBIT)
Deposit : RM 2000+

DAMON Proposed Treatment Fees : MYR 7500+ (DAMON)
Deposit : RM 2000+

Illustrations for Conventional Braces Vs Self-ligating Braces ;

Notice for Self-ligating brackets they do not need to use the Rubber “O”-Rings to Secure your Orthodontic wires in Place.

Conventional-braces-dentist-malaysiaTraditional Braces

Self-Ligating Braces


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