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What are Clear Aligners (Invisalign) (隐形牙套) ??

Clear Aligners Are Clear Removable Cosmetic Appliances Designed to Straighten Your Teeth Without Metal Pieces & Wires.
Hence Reducing Your Stress & discomfort While Having Your Teeth Straightened.

Clear Smile / Invisalign Aligner Technology Can Straighten Teeth That Are Crowded, Rotated, Tilted Forward or Backwards Using Exact Impressions Taken By Our Dentists.

You will be Able To See The Results Before You Start , Using our Video Simulations and, Once The Results are Approved, the Custom-made Clear Aligners are Fabricated Using the Latest in 3D Printing Technology. WhatsApp Us Today To Know More..

Clear invisible clear aligners (braces) (隐形牙套) with study models & photographs in the package included.

     – Professional polishing session
     – Tooth Whitening toothpaste
     – Set of Professional DSLR taken photographs

Our Current Cases :

ClearSmile® 隐形牙套 Treatment Fees
Simple Cases (average cases)

Single Arch from RM 3500 – 4800
Upper & Lower Arch from RM 5500 – 7500

Moderate Cases (average cases)
Single Arch from RM 4500 – 7000
Upper & Lower Arch from RM 7000 – 9000

Severe Cases (rare)
Single Arch from RM 8500 – 9500
Upper & Lower Arch from RM 9500 – 12500

*clear invisible orthodontics are only for eligible cases
** prices depends on individual dental conditions & cases; Split payments of < 3 times possible, depending number of aligner sets

*Invisalign Aligners differs in fees & packages

Special Introductory Invisalign® Package Available Now ! 

Complete Package for RM 14,800 Nett 
(Normal : RM 20k)

Clinic Hotlines
BSC Dental Clinic   +6013 2348 421
BTP Dental Clinic   +6012 3448 421

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Completed Treatment 2018 – Happy Patient, Happy Clinic .. 



8 Months Journey With Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners Patient Instructions Manual


one of the more reasonable braces price in malaysia



OPG X-Rays Might be Needed
For Clear Aligners / Braces Treatments

Enjoy Smiling & Wearing Braces! Nothing to be shy about..


No metal Brackets seen, all transparent braces only


Braces cost are lowered through multiple business techniques . Eg: Negotiating with various dental companies for the benefit of our patients

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Our Dental Practice also Carries another brand :-

Excelign Clear Braces Brand From the UK




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