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What is Invisalign (隐形牙套)??

/ Invisalign® Malaysia 

✅ Invisalign Are Clear Removable Cosmetic Appliances Designed to Straighten Your Teeth Without Metal Pieces & Wires.
Hence Reducing Your Stress & discomfort While Having Your Teeth Straightened.

✅ Invisalign Aligner Technology Can Straighten Teeth That Are Crowded, Rotated, Tilted Forward or Backwards Using Exact Impressions Taken By Our Dentists.

✅ You will be Able To See The Results Before You Start , Using our Video Simulations and, Once The Results are Approved,

✅ The Custom-made Clear Aligners are Fabricated Using the Latest in 3D Printing Technology. WhatsApp Us Today To Know More.. Invisalign Malaysia

✅ Invisalign clear aligners (braces) (隐形牙套) with study models & photographs in the package included.

– Professional polishing session
– Tooth Whitening toothpaste
– Set of Professional DSLR taken photographs

Different Teeth Misalignment (Malocclusion) situations

Official Dental Clinic Invisalign™ Provider

A Simple Fix for Gapped, Crooked, or Otherwise Misaligned Teeth

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. A bright, confident smile communicates happiness, confidence, and interest.

It’s the easiest way to show people you value and appreciate them and makes people want to be around you for personal activities, at work, and in romantic settings.

Hiding your smile because of a gap, crooked teeth, an overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, or overly crowded teeth, on the other hand, causes people to see you as unhappy, not confident, or not interested in them.

That can cause you to lose personal, business, and even romantic opportunities.

Because of that, improving your smile can be one of the most important investments you can make in yourself. Whether you are looking for more opportunities in your social life, career, or in romance, a confident smile can quickly give you a self-confidence boost and avoid giving people the wrong impression about you.

It has never been simpler to transform your smile no matter what the cause of your misaligned smile using Invisalign® clear aligners.

Superior quality clear aligners

How InvisalignWorks ?

Teeth can be misaligned for a number of different reasons, including because of a gap, an overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, or overcrowding. No matter what the reason, Invisalign® clear aligners through Dentist3™ Dental Clinic can help you get the straight smile you deserve.

When you come to Dentist3™ Dental Clinic for Invisalign® treatment, we will first use a state-of-the-art digital scanning system to create a three-dimensional image of your teeth. We will then map out a treatment plan for you, including exactly how Invisalign® will move your teeth into precise alignment.

The SmartTrack material difference

We will then create a series of clear, custom-made aligners that are virtually invisible. Each aligner will be designed to progressively adjust your teeth into place. They will be designed to gently and gradually realign your teeth into precise alignment, so all you will need to do is begin wearing a new set of aligners as your teeth shift, typically once a week, and check in with us every four to eight weeks so we can check on your progress. As you progress through each new set of aligners, you will be able to see your smile improve.

Finally, unlike traditional braces, which are glued to your teeth and need to be worn 24/7,your Invisalign® aligners are removable, only need to be worn between twenty and twenty-two hours per day for optimal results, and can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing.

Who Is It For?

Invisalign® was designed for both teens and adults who want to improve their smiles without disrupting their daily lives or living with the uncomfortable and noticeable traditional braces. If misaligned teeth are causing you to hide your smile, and you’re ready to transform your life with a series of virtually invisible aligners custom-made to gently guide your teeth into precise alignment, Invisalign® treatment at Dentist3™ Dental Clinic is for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

The out-of-pocket cost for Invisalign® depends on your exact needs. When you contact our office, our staff at Dentist3™ Dental Clinic will help you fully understand your needs, insurance coverage, and out-of-pocket cost, as well as financing options to help you fit your new smile into your budget. We will work with you every step of the way.

At Dentist3™ Clinic our Invis Package ranges from RM 11,XXX to RM 14,XXX

The Next Step

If you’re ready to take the next step toward getting the full, bright smile you deserve, all you need to do is schedule your free consultation with Dentist3™ Dental Clinic by calling us.

During your consultation, you will relax in our no-pressure clinic. We will answer your questions and discuss your options to be sure you are fully informed about how Invisalign® can help you get the smile you deserve.

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Invisalign™ SmartTrack® material

🔥 The patented material that helps you get the smile you want, faster.
🔥 Only Invisalign® clear aligners are made of SmartTrack material, so they are more comfortable and easier to put on and take off.

Do you know your teeth can be aligned without metal brackets? 🤔

Yes, we have INVISALIGN™ now to make it possible 🤩 With INVISALIGN, we can achieve your desired result. 😍

Most of our patients, especially those from corporate departments are concerned about their appearances while having metal brackets on. Now, they don’t have to worry as we are providing INVISALIGN in Dentist3. 😬

1. Removable, easy to maintain oral hygiene 🦷
2. More comfortable as the aligners will be customised based on your teeth 😀
3. Not visible with social distance, more confident 🤩
4. Changes are visible as early as the first month of the treatment 😁

Compared to metal braces, INVISALIGN’s treatment period will be shorter and the results are predictable. 😊

INVISALIGN able to move your teeth based on your desire because a special software used to create a video proposal to show your end result before starting the treatment and create every sets of aligners based on it. 🥳

Dentist3 is now doing Invisalign for between RM 10,XXX to RM 15,XXX. Call us today to book your slot to get our promotion price 🤩


Behind every clear aligner is an industry-leading team of engineers and scientists who are continuously innovating to improve your path to a beautiful smile.ent in your confidence

The smile you want, minus the interruptions.
Simple fix or complex shifts, Invisalign® clear aligners can straighten it out – up to 2x faster.
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