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Not all braces are created equal!
Finish Fast…

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If you’re looking for the perfect smile you always wanted, having a good set of braces for fast, comfortable, high quality treatment matters most to you. It is your right to know the difference.

Why Adenta Braces?
The difference in production technique, i.e. Computer Numerical Control milling (CNC). This production method produces the highest accuracy of all manufacturing processes, this high end accuracy produces high quality orthodontic results.

Why you should choose FLAIR SLT braces…

Through extensive research and working with renowned orthodontists, the Flair self-ligating system has been designed for highly accurate and fast treatment. The unique flexible self-ligating clip reduces the friction within your braces, which significantly reduces the pain associated with braces, and all hooks have been removed to make your othodontic experience as comfortable as possible.
• Fast treatment
• High quality orthodontic results
• Reduces pain
• No hook design for optimal comfort
• Smooth surface reduces the accumulation of plaque for better oral hygiene

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