Dental Treatments During Puasa Month 2018

May 15, 2018 0 Comments

A lot of patients would ask the dentist, what treatment can we do when we are fasting and what can’t we do. We would like to try our best to clear your doubt for this matter. From what we know, as long as water or liquid doesn’t enter the throat and stomach, then fasting won’t be cancelled for the day.

Although water will be used to cool the instruments when in use, for example, from the high-speed hand-pieces or scaling. Your dentist will be using a high-volume saliva and fluid suction to ensure that fluid doesn’t pool in your mouth. Your dentist will also let you know in advance about the possibility of you accidentally swallowing fluid during a procedure.

Treatments that involves fluids pooling in the mouth:
– Scaling and prophylaxis (Pembersihan karang gigi dan polish gigi)

– Filling (Tampalan gigi)

– Extraction (Cabutan gigi)

– Any other procedures that involves the dentist’s handpiece. (Procedur lain yang menggunakan handpiece)

Procedures that doesn’t involve fluids:
– Consultation

– Taking an X-rays (OPG or Intra-oral PA)

In a nutshell, the following procedures are alright to do during fasting month and won’t be needed to be replaced if done. (Prosedur yang tidak perlu batalkan puasa)
– Scaling (Mencuci Karang Gigi)

– Dental fillings (Menggerudi, tampalan)

– Crown and bridge (Sarung gigi, Jambatan Gigi)

– Extraction (Cabutan Gigi) – Although it is worth noting that painkillers will be prescribed by your dentist after or before the procedure and that might batalkan your puasa.

– Local Anaesthetic Injections prior to dental treatments (injeksi bius)

– Topical Anesthetic gel (Ubat Bius untuk gusi)

– Root canal treatments (Rawatan Akar)

– Consultation and check-up

– Tooth Brushing, Flossing and using a mouth-wash (Berus gigi, Flos, Kumur)

In more details:
According to Fikah Perubatan:

Mencabut gigi, menampal gigi, mencuci gigi atau menggosok gigi dengan siwak ataupun memberus gigi tidak membatalkan puasa selagi mana tidak masuk ke dalam halkum (ditelan)
According to sources from IOMS (Islamic Organization for Medical Sciences), The Akademi figh di Jeddah dan WHO, Figh As-Sunnah (Sayyid as-Sabiq), and Fatwa from Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi with Majlis Fatwa Eropah :

– Injeksi (cucuk) melalui kulit, kedalam otot (intramuscular), sendi (intraarticular), kedalam pembuluh darah (intravenous) kecuali bahan yang dicucuk mempunyai zat tidak membatalkan puasa
– Menerima Oksigen atau gas untuk bius tidak membatalkan puasa