Conventional and Self-Ligating Braces

Dentist3™ Clinic provides 2 main types of Orthodontics (Braces) treatments. Conventional and Self-Ligating Braces

Braces is the trend now. This is because smiling with teeth exposed represent a person’s neat. There are a few options of braces. Starting by Conventional braces, this is the most common type of brackets you see with colourful of rubbers, “O”-Rings on each unit of bracket on to secure the Wires in place.

Conventional Braces

How do traditional braces straighten teeth?

Conventional braces straighten teeth by exerting pressure on them. The shape of your jaw gradually realigns to conform to this pressure as the teeth are repositioned.

Utilizing the jaw's architecture, braces treatment moves teeth in a healthy, natural way. They are able to accomplish this because periodontal ligaments, which connect the tooth roots to the socket, hold your teeth to the jaw bone.

These ligaments provide as shock absorbers and permit slight tooth movement. Your ligaments compress when pressure is applied to your teeth, which causes the jaw bone to respond. The underlying bone structure develops stronger as your teeth acclimate to the strain of repositioning.

Following by Self-Ligating Orthodontics, this options is preferable to those who have severe and certain dental conditions. Self-Ligating mechanism promotes less pressure discomfort compared to Conventional system. It is taking shorter period in order to complete on your braces journey. Unlike Conventional brackets, Self-Ligating mechanism is like a lock-key system, which does not required any O-ring in order to secure the wire in place which promotes effective results.

Why Self-ligating Braces?

Reduced Treatment Time

Less “chair time” and fewer visits to the orthodontist

Reduced Pressure & Pain

It’s possible that you might experience less discomfort with self-ligating braces than with traditional braces.

More Effective Results

Reduce risks to your teeth by applying moderate force over them

When do you need to wear braces?

-Having crooked teeth

-Unable to chew food properly

-Protruding teeth


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