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Here's our happy patient on her way to get her teeth aligned with conventional braces 💯

Braces (orthodontic) is a treatment to treat:

🦷Open bite
🦷Crooked teeth
🦷Gaps in between teeth
🦷Crowded teeth

If you feel your condition is categorised as above, then visit Dentist3 today. Our braces price is affordable with lower deposit and instalment is available too. 😍

Sounds great? 🤩 Call/WhatsApp us today for enquiries 📞

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The root canal treatment procedure, also known as endodontic treatment, is a common procedure that is used to remove infected pulp from inside a tooth🦷

The root canal treatment procedure is a good solution with many potential benefits for patients who have infection in the pulp. Without treatment, the infection may cause more pain and affects the function of the tooth😣

Root canal treatment can help to maintain the function of the teeth and protect other teeth from and possible damage😌

The biggest advantage if a root canal treatment is of course that we are able to save the tooth from being extract before its time😗
So if you choose to save your precious tooth, do contact us to make a booking now 👌🏻

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✅ Website : https://dentist3.com 
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Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom Can cause Problems if it is impacted or stuck in the jaw. Possible signs includes swollen gums, intermittent throbbing pain , headache-like pain and so on . 

It is advisable to seek dental consultation if you suspect you are having an impacted wisdom tooth. 

Normally wisdom tooth needs to be surgically removed with 2-3 sutures . In Our clinic, our prices will include a course of antibiotics and strong painkillers . This surgery normally will take around 1 hour if there is no complications . 

Do Call Us Today to find out More about our Treatments ! 

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✅ Website : https://dentist3.com 
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Replacement of Missing Teeth

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Replacement of Missing Teeth

Losing one or more teeth can certainly change the appearance of your smile and have a negative impact on your oral health and confidence. Even the loss of a single tooth can affect your speech, the ability to chew your food, and over time can cause the shifting of your teeth into some of the empty spaces if it isn’t be replaced. Fortunately, there are a few options available to replace your missing teeth and to help restore your beautiful smile.

What are the available options to replace missing tooth/teeth?

1.  Dental Implant

Dental implant has been designed to artificially replace a natural tooth root and are inserted into the jawbone to support a restorative or replacement crown, bridge or denture. 


- Most similar to natural tooth 

- Suitable to replace single tooth or multiple teeth in different areas

- No involvement of neighbouring teeth, so adjacent teeth remain intact

- Minimal maintenance required

- Prevent loss of jawbone


- Expensive

- Requires surgical procedures

- Requires healing time for the implant to fuse with the jawbone

dental implant malaysia

2. Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is held by two crowns, which normally fitted onto the teeth on either side of the gap, and the crowns are attached to the replacement teeth on the missing area. This type of restoration is permanently cemented in place.

There are a lot of designs for dental bridge, which includes fixed-fixed bridge, Cantilevel bridge, Maryland bridge and implant-supported bridge. Do consult your dentist to determine which type of bridge works best for your needs.


- Look and feel like a tooth

- More economical option compared to dental implants

- No surgery required


- Teeth adjacent to the gap need to be trimmed in order to support the bridge

- Food particles can slip underneath the bridge and extra effort needed to clean under the bridge

full and removable dentures
full and removable dentures

3. Removable Denture

The denture is custom-made based on a mold of your mouth. It is fabricated out of pink acrylic, which mimics your gums and supports and stabilizes the denture. The acrylic teeth attach to the base and fit into the space of the missing teeth in your mouth. 


- Less expensive than dental implants and dental bridges

- Easier to repair

- No surgery required


- Uncomfortable and unstable compared to dental implant and dental bridges

- Must be removed and cleaned on a daily basis and removed before sleeping

- Do not always function well or look as natural as fixed options

Dental Bridge
Dental Bridge


Types of dental bridge
Types of dental bridge

Dental Bridge

1. Do I need to take out my dental bridge?

No. Dental bridge is a fixed dental replacement option. It is permanently cemented in place and remains all day and all night.

2. Can I eat normally with dental bridge?

Yes. The dental bridge will function as your normal teeth would. In other words, you don’t have to worry about chewing and eating with the dental bridge. However, hard foods like nuts can damage the structure of dental bridge, just like eating hard food with your normal teeth will increase the risk of teeth fracture as well.

3. How long will the dental bridge last?

Generally, bridges can last anywhere between 5 and 15 years or even more. The key is proper oral and dental care. Routine teeth cleaning and check-up are required to increase the lifespan of dental bridges.

4. How do I take care of my dental bridge?

Food particles can slip underneath the bridge, hence floss is needed to adapt underneath the bridge to keep that area clean.  Routine check-up every 6 months is required to detect early failure of dental bridge.

5. Can I get my dental bridge in one visit?

No. During the first visit, consultation and X-rays will be done to determine whether your case is suitable for dental bridges. After a treatment plan is made, the process of getting a bridge takes two visits.  In the first visit, the teeth are shaped and an impression is taken and sent to the lab.  A temporary bridge is made and cemented.  At the second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is cemented in.

6. Are there different types of dental bridges available?

Yes. There are fixed-fixed dental bridges, Cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges, and implant-supported bridges. Fixed-fixed dental bridges are the ones involving crowns on either side of the gap. A Cantilever bridge is similar, except it only needs the support of a crown on one side. A Maryland bridge doesn’t need a dental crown for support because it’s held in place by a framework that’s bonded on the back of the adjacent teeth without needing to trim them down. An implant-supported bridge uses dental implants for support instead of adjacent teeth. Do consult your dentist to determine which type of bridge works best for your needs.

dental implant malaysia

Removable Dentures

1. Do I need to remove my dentures at night?

Yes. You should remove your dentures at night and this will allow give your gum tissue to rest from the pressure of the denture and allows normal stimulation and cleansing by the tongue and saliva. Dentures should be cleaned at night and stored in water during the night.

2. Can I eat normally with my denture?

You need to learn how to use dentures properly and hence it takes a little time to get used to them. After a while, you should be able to eat fairly normally. Start out by eating soft foods that are cut into small pieces. Chew on both sides of the mouth to keep even pressure on the denture. Avoid foods that are extremely sticky or hard. You may want to avoid chewing gum.

3. Will the denture change the way I speak?

You may find it difficult to pronounce certain words with your new denture. Practice reading out loud and repeat the words that give you trouble. With time, you will become accustomed to speaking properly with your denture.

4. Can I get my denture in one visit?

No. It takes a few weeks and normally 3-5 appointments. These include: Impressions – a mold is taken of your gums and/or teeth; Bite registration – we measure how you bite and select your shade of teeth; Wax try-in – you get try the denture on before they are actually finished; Finish – you get to wear your new denture home.

5. How do I take care of my dentures?

Dentures are porous and prone to absorbing stains over time. Scrub them with a soft toothbrush using soap and water. Toothpaste can be abrasive and will wear down the gloss coating and make them prone to staining. 

6. How long can I start to do my denture after teeth extraction?

It takes about 4-8 weeks for the gum to heal properly after extraction of the teeth. Hence, it is advisable to start fabricate the denture after 4-8 weeks to ensure a good fit for the denture.

Written by Dr Michelle

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How does Conventional Braces works ? 🧐

Conventional braces work using individual brackets and archwires to move your teeth into position. Each bracket is fitted to the surface of your tooth and the archwire is slotted into these brackets. As the archwire attempts to straighten using light force from colorful o-rings (elastics), it gradually moves your teeth into their desired position. 😍

How long do I need to wear it ? 🤔

This depends on your orthodontic requirements and every case is different. However, you can expect conventional braces to take anywhere between 12 and 24 months.

Is my age suitable for Conventional Braces ? 😔

Conventional braces are suitable for all patients, from children and teens to adults. Although other orthodontic treatments are being increasingly used, conventional braces are still an effective treatment option. 🤩

Dentist3 is now providing low deposit and monthly payment for braces treatment. Book your slot now. 📞😍

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Cuci Gigi Boleh Putihkan Gigi Saya ?

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Soalan Lazim Tentang Gigi Anda

1) Boleh ke rawatan cuci gigi (scaling) memutihkan gigi kita?

🦷 Tak boleh, tp ada kemungkinan yg kita akan nmpk gigi kita mcm lebih putih selepas rawatan scaling sebab semua karang gigi berwarna kekuningan yg meliputi gigi kita sebelum ni dah tanggal, jadi hasilnya gigi kita nmpk mcm lebih putih.
TETAPI, scaling ni tak boleh memutihkan warna gigi asal ye, kalau nak lebih putih, perlulah buat rawatan pemutihan gigi.

2) Jenis tampalan apa yg digunakan di klinik kami?

🦷 Di klinik Dentist3, kami cuma gunakan tampalan putih (composite) yg ada beberapa kelebihan dibandingkan dgn tampalan silver/hitam yg kerap digunakan sebelum ni. Tampalan tu di panggil 'amalgam', kebanyakan klinik kerajaan disebabkan harganya lebih murah & lebih senang digunakan.
Tampalan putih mungkin tak tahan selama tampalan amalgam, tp kalau dibuat dgn cara yg betul, tampalan putih boleh tahan lebih lama berbanding amalgam.
Di klinik kami ada beberapa jenis tampalan putih, salah satu ialah GIC (glass ionomer cement) yg lebih sesuai digunakan utk kanak2.

3) Apa perbezaan antara crown & bridge?

🦷 Crown (sarung gigi) ialah lapisan luaran yg akan disimen pada gigi asal. Selalunya rawatan crown ni diperlukan lepas rawatan akar siap sebab gigi yg dah dibuat rawatan akar ni lebih rapuh berbanding gigi biasa.
Bridge (jambatan gigi) ialah lebih kurang sama dgn crown, cuma bridge ni digunakan utk menggantikan gigi yg dah hilang. 3 unit bridge diperlukan utk ganti sebiji gigi. Utk rawatan bridge ni, 2 gigi ditepi gigi yg dah takde tu, perlu digunakan sebagai penyokong yg akan memegang gigi gantian tu nanti.

4) Umur berapa anak saya boleh mula jumpa dr gigi?

🦷 Kanak-kanak umur 2-3 tahun dah boleh mula jumpa dr gigi utk biasa kan dorg dgn klinik gigi. Dr akan bagi tips & ajar cara memberus gigi utk elakkan kaviti nanti.
Sebaik je anak kita dah pandai meludah ubat gigi, kita dah boleh tukarkan ubat gigi kepada ubat gigi dewasa sebab ubat gigi dewasa ada kandungan florida yg boleh melindungi gigi dgn lebih baik.

5) Apa pilihan yg ada utk gantikan gigi yg dah hilang?

🦷 Ada beberapa cara, antaranya :
i. Gigi Palsu
Boleh dipakai & tanggal, harga mampu milik, perlu dibersihkan setiap kali selepas makan, mungkin akan memerlukan adjustment sampai la patient rasa selesa, mungkin akan menjadi longgar selepas satu tempoh disebabkan oleh penyusutan tulang.

ii. Jambatan Gigi
Ia merupakan sejenis prostesis yang digunakan untuk menggantikan satu atau lebih gigi yang hilang dengan menyambungkan gigi2 artificial dengan gigi bersebelahan yang dah ditrim.

iii. Implant Gigi
Akar gigi artificial yg diperbuat dari besi titanium akan ditanam pada tulang rahang untuk memegang gigi yang akan diganti. Ni adalah lekapan yang kekal & mempunyai kadar kejayaan jangka panjang yang sangat baik.

6) Apa rutin harian utk jaga kebersihan mulut saya?

🦷 Rawatan cuci gigi (scaling) disarankan utk dibuat sekali tiap 6 bulan, ni antara langkah penting ssbab scaling mampu menghapuskan kalkulus yg dah mengeras pada gigi.
Selain tu, cara memberus gigi yg betul & ubat gigi ber-fluorida yg sesuai pun penting utk elakkan gigi kita dari serangan kaviti.

7) Gigi susu anak saya ada kaviti, perlu ke di tampal?

🦷 Dr mmg akan sarankan utk gigi susu tu di tampal sebab kalau dibiarkan lubang tu akan jadi makin dalam & mula menyerang bahagian saraf gigi, yg akan menyebabkan rasa sakit.

8) Rawatan pemutihan boleh rosakkan gigi ke?

🦷 Tidak. Rawatan pemutihan tak akan rosak kan gigi, ia mmg ada kesan sampingan utk 2-3 hari lepas rawatan, contohnya rasa sensitif, tapi ia tak merosakkan gigi.

Frequently Asked Dental Questions from Patients to Dentists

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1) Can scaling whiten our teeth.

In some ways , general scaling (Cleaning) will be able to "whiten" your teeth if your teeth is covered by a lot of plaque and dental tartar (karang gigi) . Those plaque are yellowish in colour and when our dentist does the cleaning, your teeth will appear "whiter" and reveal the original colour of your teeth. However, scaling WILL NOT be able to whiten your original teeth colour to a whiter shade , for that , you will have to do a whitening treatment .

2) What types of filling we used in our clinic.

In Dentist3™ Clinic, we only use white fillings (composite resin) which has several advantages compared to the silver / black filling that was used in the olden days. Those silver fillings are calls Amalgam. having said that, most of Malaysia's government dental clinics are still using Amalgam as it is more cost effective and requires less steps to complete. White fillings may not last as long as amalgam fillings in some cases but if done well, white composite fillings can last a long time . In our clinics we have several other types of white fillings, one of them is call GIC (glass ionomer cement) which is more suitable for treatments for children .

3) What is the difference between crown and bridge.

A dental crown is basically an extra layer of "cap" that is cemented (glued) on your existing tooth. Normally a crown (Sarung gigi) is needed after root canal treatment in order to strengthen the root treated tooth and prevent the tooth from fracturing. Because root canal treated tooth is usually more fragile compared to your natural tooth. A Dental bridge is basically a few dental crown which is connected together. A 3 unit dental bridge is used to replaced 1 missing tooth (extracted tooth) . To use a bridge to replace a missing tooth, your two adjacent tooth has to be used to support the bridge. In order to accommodate the bridge , your 2 adjacent teeth has to be made smaller by grinding it down.

4) At What age can my child start seeing a dentist.

Basically when your baby is around 2-3 years old, it is recommended to come visit a dentist to get them to "warm up" on routine dental check-up. Our dr will also recommend and teach you how to start brushing their baby teeth to prevent future tooth cavities. Once your child knows how to spit out the toothpaste used, you can start to switch to adult toothpaste (fluoridated) as fluoride toothpaste can better protect their teeth

5) What are the options to replace a missing tooth.

  • There are 3 options available for missing tooth replacement.
    i. Dentures
    Removable, affordable price, need to be cleaned thoroughly after meals, may/may not need adjustments until patients feel comfortable, bone recession causing the denture to become loose after some time.

ii. Dental Bridge
Artificial tooth fused between two porcelain crowns to fill in the area of the missing tooth. The neighboring teeth will be trimmed to attach the bridge.

iii. Dental Implant
An artificial tooth root, made of titanium metal will be placed into the the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. It is a permanent fixture in your mouth that has excellent long-term success.

6) what should my oral hygiene regimen be.

-Dental cleaning (scaling) is recommended 6 months once which is the most important regimen for oral hygiene to remove all the plaque and calculus (harden debris) on the surface of the tooth. Moreover, proper brushing techniques preferably more than 5 minutes and fluoride content toothpaste are recommended to maintain oral hygiene also to prevent from cavities.

7) My kids have a cavities on their teeth, should it be filled.

-Recommended to be filled as it may cause pain sooner or later if the cavity becomes to deep and infect the pulp of the tooth. this can prevent doing root canal treatment (removing the pulp) which will require injection . Doing root canal treatment on a kid can be quite traumatic .

8) Can whitening treatment harm my teeth.

-No, it doesn't harm your teeth but whitening do have side effects such as sensitivity which lasts about 2-3 days after the treatment. Dental whitening treatment uses an active ingredient that "dissolves" the yellow pigments on the layers of your teeth to make it appear whiter . but it doesn't make your teeth layers thinner.

Apa Perlu Buat Bila Sakit Gigi ? & Soalan lazim Gigi lain-lain

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Gigi Saya Sakit atau Ngilu gigi sensitif , apa yang perlu saya buat ?

Step pertama adalah untuk jumpa dokter gigi di klinik kerajaan atau klinik swasta untuk check. Sebab bila gigi sakit bermaksud gigi sudah berlubang atau ada masalah gusi . Cuba jangan hanya makan ubat tahan sakit atau berus gigi dengan lebih rajin atau cuba guna ubat bilas mulut saja.

Gigi Saya sudah dicabut dan saya rasa nak ganti gigi yang hilang .

Jika anda ada gigi yang sudah dicabut atau hilang, anda boleh cuba fikir untuk ganti gigi dengan beberapa kaedah : gigi palsu, jambatan gigi atau implan gigi (Dental Implant) . Rawatan yang anda pilih perlu ikut budget yang anda sudah set . Gigi palsu adalah rawatan gigi yang harga paling rendah membandingkan dengan jambatan gigi . Normally Gigi palsu satu biji gigi harga RM 100 , sebagai contoh, jika anda ada 3 biji gigi yang hendak nak ganti, harga klinik gigi dentist3 akan charge lebih kurang RM 350 . Untuk Jambatan gigi. dr gigi akan kira jambatan gigi sebagai unit, normally satu unit RM 800 . jika anda nak ganti satu biji gigi . anda perlu guna 2 gigi sebelah sebagai "tiang" untuk support satu gigi tersebut. So jika nak ganti satu biji gigi dengan jambatan gigi, harga tersebut ada RM800 x 3 = RM 2400 . Kaedah yang paling maju adalah untuk mendapat rawatan implant gigi .
Klinik gigi dentist3 charge satu implant gigi RM 4800 sahaja termasuk sarung gigi tersebut. Walaubagaimanapun, rawatan tanam gigi perlu masa selama 3-5 bulan untuk ganti gigi tersebut.

Berapa lama saya perlu cuci gigi di klinik gigi ?

Biasanya doktor gigi kita akan mengesyorkan customer cuci gigi sekurang-kurangnya sekali setahun. Rawatan cuci gigi di klinik gigi dentist3 hanya berharga RM 80-100+ . Rawatan cuci gigi ada banyak faedahnya , semasa cuci gigi, dr gigi boleh dapat check gigi sama ada gigi yang berlubang kecil dan boleh ditampal. ini boleh mengelakkan rawatan akar gigi yang akan melibatkan kos lebih banyak. Rawatan Cuci gigi di klinik Gigi Dentist3 akan cuci SEMUA gigi dan pastikan gusi sihat.

Kenapa Kadang kala Dr Gigi akan Membuat rawatan Tampalan Gigi Sementara

Jika lubang gigi anda terlalu besar & sudah sangat dekat dengan saraf gigi . Tampalan Gigi kekal tidak dapat dilakukan . Tampalan Gigi sementara (temporary filling) ada satu bahan - Eugenol yang akan cuba pulihkan saraf gigi anda. Biasanya tampalan sementara akan ditukar kepada tampalan kekal (permanent) selepas 2-3 minggu untuk pastikan gigi tersebut boleh dirawat tanpa but rawatan akar gigi atau dicabutan.

Berapa Kos Rawatan Akar Gigi ?

Di klinik Gigi Dentist3, Rawatan akar gigi untuk gigi depan adalah RM 600 , rawatan akar gigi untuk gigi Premolar (belakang gigi taring) adalah RM 800 , manakala rawatan akar gigi untuk gigi besar (molar) adalah RM 950 . Walaubagaimanapun, harga ini ada variasi sebab akan ikut berapa susah rawatan tersebut dibuat untuk rawatan anda

Braces “Murah” Puncak Alam

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🤔 Apa fungsi sebenar pendakap gigi Puncak Alam (braces) ?

💡Braces Puncak Alam ialah Antara cara paling berkesan utk meluruskan susunan gigi kita. Gigi yg tersusun memastikan proses membersihkan gigi jadi lebih mudah. Penampilan kita pun akan nampak lebih bagus.

🤔 Macam mana cara braces Puncak Alam berfungsi?

💡Braces berfungsi dgn cara menggerakkan gigi menggunakan wayar & brackets besi yg akan di servis setiap bulan. Jadi korg kena rajin dtg setiap bulan ye!

🤔 Wajib ke cabut gigi kalau nak pakai braces (Puncak Alam)?

💡Tak semestinya. Dr akan cek gigi korg, bergantung pada masalah gigi, result yg korg nak dapatkan & xray gigi, dr akan bgtau samada kes korg perlukan cabutan atau tak.

🤔 Sakit ke bila pakai braces ni?

💡Pada seminggu pertama, mungkin akan rasa tekanan sikit yg disebabkan pergerakan pada gigi, tapi lepas tu korg akan mula biasa & tak rasa sakit dah.

🤔 Berapa lama saya perlu pakai braces (Puncak Alam)?

💡Bergantung pada keadaan gigi setiap individu. Masalah gigi yg berbeza, result yg diingini setiap patient, semua ni memainkan peranan dlm menentukan tempoh masa pemakaian braces korg.
Masalah gigi yg lebih teruk, memerlukan masa yg lebih panjang utk siap.
Tapi kebiasaannya akan ambil 1-3 tahun utk selesai.

🤔 Umur berapa yg paling sesuai utk braces (Puncak Alam)?

💡Remaja 17-23 tahun adalah paling sesuai utk rawatan braces sebab tulang lebih lembut, jadi pergerakan gigi lebih cepat.
Tapi takde masalah utk lingkaran umur lain nak pakai braces. Yg penting semua gigi kekal dah keluar & gigi cukup kuat serta stabil.

🤔 Apa itu retainer?

💡Retainer ialah alat yg akan memastikan gigi kita kekal pada kedudukannya selepas braces dibuka.
Utk setahun pertama, retainer perlu dipakai 24/7. Lepas tu cuma perlu pakai malam masa tidur je.
Retainer akan memastikan fiber & ligamen pemegang gigi di kedudukan baru tu terbentuk dengan sempurna & kekal kat situ.

🤔 Braces ada banyak jenis, mana yg paling bagus?

💡Dr akan cek gigi korg semasa fasa konsultasi & tentu kan yg mana paling sesuai.
Conventional braces ialah braces besi yg ada getah warna warni, jenis ni paling basic, harganya pun rendah berbanding braces jenis lain.
Tapi kemampuan braces conventional ni utk merawat mcm2 masalah gigi tak tersusun tak kalah hebat tau.

Clear aligners ialah braces lutsinar, jenis ni mmg sesuai utk org yg pentingkan penampilan & ada gaya hidup yg sibuk.
Kenapa? Sebab aligners ni lebih mudah dijaga dari segi kebersihan (boleh dibuka pakai), cuma harganya agak tinggi sikit berbanding braces conventional.

❤️Bergantung pada keadaan gigi korg & saranan dr, pilihan braces yg tepat boleh berikan hasil yg lebih optimum & memuaskan!❤️

🦷Pendakap gigi(Puncak Alam) ialah salah satu cara bagi meluruskan susunan gigi, yg berfungsi utk memperbaiki penampilan seseorang.
Selain tu, pendakap gigi jugak membantu korg utk menjaga kesihatan gigi & gusi dgn lebih baik, serta memudahkan proses mengunyah makan menjadi lebih mudah.

🌸Braces berfungsi dgn cara mengerakkan gigi menggunakan wayar & brackets yg akan menarik gigi ke arah yg sepatutnya.

🦷Siapa yg selalunya akan pakai braces (Puncak Alam) ni?

🌸Waktu terbaik utk mula pakai braces ialah semasa remaja.
Tapi! Orang dewasa pun boleh pakai jugak tau. Gigi & gusi yg sihat tu penting tanpa mengira umur. Kalau terlalu muda pun, perlu tggu smpi semya gigi kekal tumbuh dulu sebelum mula pakai braces.

🦷Mulut yg sihat secara keseluruhan adalah penting sebelum kita nak mulakan rawatan ortho ni.
Ada sesetengah yg tak sesuai & tak digalakkan utk memakai braces, contohnya, masalah gusi teruk.
Hanya dr yg boleh cek & tentukan samada korg sesuai atau tak utk pakai braces.

🌸Kenapa saya perlukan braces (Puncak Alam)?

Ada bnyk sebab yg memerlukan korg utk pakai braces.
Antaranya ialah:
*overcrowded (gigi terlalu padat & tak cukup ruang)
*overbite (gigi bawah terlalu jauh ke belakang)
*underbite (gigitan gigi atas berada di belakang gigi bawah)

🦷Braces yg selalu kita tgk ialah yg diperbuat dari metal (besi), tp ada jugak yg diperbuat dari ceramic atau plastik.
Walaupun rekaannya dibuat khas utk keselesaan pt (patient), tp ada kemungkinan yg ia akan bergesel dgn mulut & buatkan pt tak selesa.
Gigi pun mungkin akan rasa tekanan & sakit sikit. Tp kejap je (beberapa hari). Cuma akan rasa masa mula2 pakai braces & masa servis bulanan je.

🌸Braces tu mungkin akan rasa mcm besar dalam mulut mula2 sebab korg tak biasa lagi, tp lepas tu korg akan biasa dah.
Jangan risau & teruskan pakai braces anda okay!

🦷Berapa lama perlu pakai braces ni?

Bergantung pada keadaan gigi korg. Boleh jadi antara beberapa bulan sehingga lah 2-3 tahun.
Kebanyakan kes akan siap dlm masa 1-2 tahun.

🌸Perlu ke saya dtg setiap bulan utk servis?

Yup. Setiap org akan ada plan rawatan yg dah dirancang oleh dr, dan perlu diservis sekali sebulan.

Utk dapatkan hasil yg optimum, kena la rajin dtg appointment ye. Dr akan cek keadaan braces & gigi korg, tgk apa yg perlu di tukar supaya pergerakan gigi lebih cepat & di keadaan yg betul.

🦷Pakai braces (Puncak Alam) cuma utk gigi lurus je ke?

Takk, ada bnyk lagi kelebihan utk rawatan braces ni.
Gigi yg tersusun rapi akan memudahkan kita utk jaga kebersihan gigi dgn lebih bagus.
Utk yg ada masalah jongang & gigi berlapis, braces akan tolak gigi tu ke kedudukan yg sepatutnya, sekaligus boleh pastikan gigi kekal bersih.

Bukan tu je, proses mengunyah makanan pun akan jadi lebih mudah tau, barulah korg dpt menikmati makanan kegemaran dgn sepuasnya.

🌸Kadang2 kalau korg selalu rasa rahang mcm tak selesa atau sakit, tu pun mungkin disebakan gigitan yg tak betul.
Cuba consult dgn dr korg tentang ni, tapi masalah rahang selalunya boleh diperbaiki dgn braces jugak, sebab kedudukan gigi yg betul akan pastikan korg gigit sgn selasa, jadi rahang akan kurang tekanan & tak rasa sakit lagi dah.

Braces mungkin rawatan yg pasal berkesan utk membaiki kedudukan gigi korg.
Tapi jangan lupa utk bincangkan dulu aspek rawatan, contohnya, apa hasil yg boleh korg dapat lepas siap nanti, jadi lebih mudah utk korg fahami kenapa perlu nya rawatan ni dilakukan.

🦷Adakah rawatan orthodontic (Puncak Alam) boleh merosakkan gigi saya ?

Gigi korg hanya akan rosak kalau korg tak jaga dengan cara yang betul.

Ia takkan rosak dengan hanya pemakaian braces. Kebersihan yang merosot, pengambilan makanan & minuman yang manis pun boleh menyumbangkan kepada kerosakkan gigi. Ingat, korg harus membersihkan gigi & braces ni dengan teliti tau!

🌸Ini kerana gigi & akar gigi akan bergerak melalui tulang rahang yang akan menyebabkan pemendekkan pada akar gigi. Perubahan ni tak membahayakan gigi korg. Ia adalah penting untuk seseorang mengetahui kemungkinan risiko sepanjang rawatan.

🦷Jika rawatan orthodontic tak dijalankan mengikut kaedah yang betul, ia akan menyebabkan kerosakkan kekal pada tulang rahang, gusi & akar gigi.
Hanya seorang dr gigi yang terlatih dapat memastikan keadaan ni tak berlaku.

🌸Adakah rawatan orthodontic (braces) ni kekal ?

Ada kemungkinan untuk gigi bergerak ke keadaan asal. Tujuan rawatan orthodontic ialah untuk menggerakkan gigi ke posisi yang lebih stabil. Ia adalah satu proses yang rumit & hanya pakar je yg boleh menentukan di mana & bagaimana gigi akan digerakkan.

Posisi gigi terbaru haruslah stabil. Bagaimanapun, korg haruslah memakai braces sepanjang tempoh yang dinasihati oleh doktor gigi korg.
Ini akan membantu memgelakkan gigi bergerak ke posisi asal semula sebelum pemakaian braces. Walaupun hanya sedikit pergerakan, tapi nanti rasa mcm sia2 la usaha & duit yg korg dah belanjakan utk rawatan braces tu kan.

🦷Korg juga harus memakai "retainers" secara berkala selepas rawatan braces. Ini juga dapat membantu memgelakkan gigi bergerak ke keadaan asal. Kami taknak la usaha korg selama ni membazir!

🌸Bagaimana saya harus menjaga braces (Puncak Alam) & gigi saya?

Ia adalah agak penting untuk gigi korg sentiasa diperiksa oleh dr semasa pemeriksaan bulanan & juga selepas rawatan.

Bersihkan gigi korg dengan teliti setiap hari, termasuk celah gigi.

Bracket tu halus jadi korg kena membersihkannya dengan cermat supaya ia tak asyik tercabut je.

🦷Dr korg anda akan ajar cara2 penjagaan mengikut jenis braces yang dipakai.

Selain itu, kurangkan makanan dan minuman yang manis. Juga elakkan makanan yang melekit & keras sebab ia akan merosakkan braces anda.

Akhirnya, berus gigi sebelum tidur pada waktu malam & sekali pada waktu siang. Gunakan ubat kumur mulut jika diperlukan.
Dr korg boleh cadangkan ubat gigi, gel fluoride atau ubat kumur mulut yang mengandungi fluoride yang tinggi untuk korg guna sepanjang rawatan.

🌸Sejauh mana kejaayaan rawatan braces (Puncak Alam)?

Dalam kebanyakkan situasi, rawatan orthodontic berjalan lancar tp korg harus komited pada rawatan korg supaya ia dapat mencapai kejayaan.
Ikut setiap arahan daripada dr ye!

Sepanjang korg pakai braces, kena lebih berhati-hati tentang pemakanan tau. Pengurangan makanan manis & berasid adalah wajib untuk memberikan keputusan yang terbaik untuk gigi korg.
Ini disebabkan braces akan menyebabkan makanan tersekat & mengakibatkan pembentukkan plak gigi yang lebih banyak berbanding keadaan biasa. Plak adalah satu lapisan bakteria nipis & melekit yang terbentuk pada permukaan gigi.

🦷Selain tu, korg harus berjumpa doktor gigi dengan kerap semasa rawatan orthodontic & juga selepas rawatan tau! 😙

What Are Braces Puncak Alam ? (ENGLISH VERSION)

Dental braces are a way of straightening or moving your teeth, to improve how they look and how they work. Braces can also help you look after the long-term health of your teeth and gums and make eating more comfortable, by spreading the biting pressure across all your teeth.

Braces work by putting pressure on the teeth, to slowly move them in the right direction. As the pressure takes effect, the bone in the jaw changes to allow the teeth and their roots to move.

Who usually has orthodontic treatment and wears braces Puncak Alam?

The best time to have braces is generally during childhood. But adults can have orthodontic treatment too – and more and more are doing this. Age is less important than having healthy teeth and gums. Children may have to wait for enough teeth to come through before starting treatment.

It is important that your mouth is fit and healthy before you have orthodontic treatment. Some patients can’t have orthodontic treatment – for example, if they have advanced gum disease. Only an orthodontist can decide whether you are able to have orthodontics.

Why might I need braces Puncak Alam?

There are many reasons why you might want, or be advised, to have braces.

Some of the most common reasons are:

overcrowded or crooked teeth
not enough, or too much, spacing between your teeth
upper front teeth that stick out (called an 'overjet')
lower teeth that bite too far behind your upper teeth (called an 'overbite')
upper front teeth that bite behind your lower ones (called an 'underbite')
the appearance of your smile
What is it like to wear braces?

Most braces are made of metal, but some are made of ceramic or plastic. They are designed to be comfortable, but they may rub your mouth or make it feel sore. Also, your teeth may feel tender or sore as they start to move. These issues don’t usually last long (a few days at most). They may happen at the start of your treatment or when your brace has been adjusted.

Your braces may feel large in your mouth at first, but it is important to remember that your mouth will adapt and get used to them. They are there to guide your teeth into a new and proper position, but they will only do this if you keep wearing them.

How long will the treatment take?

This depends on how out-of-position your teeth are. It may take anything from a few months to two-and-a-half years. Most people can be treated in one to two years.

Do I need to keep seeing my orthodontic team Puncak Alam during treatment?

Yes. Everyone will have their own plan tailored to them by their orthodontic team, and braces usually need adjusting every 6 to 8 weeks.

To get the best results possible, you will need regular appointments with your orthodontist. They will check your brace and teeth, and make adjustments to the brace if they need to.

Are straight teeth the only benefit of getting braces Puncak Alam?

No, there are many benefits that come with orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment will straighten your teeth or move them into a better position. This not only improves their appearance and the way the teeth bite together but can also make them easier to clean.

Some people have teeth that stick out. These teeth can be moved back into line (inside the lips) and this can protect them and help keep them clean.

Crooked and crowded teeth can be hard to keep clean. Making them straight can mean they are easier to clean.

Teeth that do not meet properly can wear down over time. This can change their appearance.

Awkward ‘bites’ often cause jaw problems, but straight and even teeth will let you chew food more comfortably. If you feel you have jaw ache, please ask a dental professional for advice. There may be other issues that need to be put right. Only a dentist or orthodontist will be able to give you advice about this.

Orthodontic treatment may be the best way to improve your teeth. But it is important that you discuss all aspects of your treatment – and the possible and realistic outcomes – before starting.

Can orthodontics Puncak Alam damage my teeth?

Your teeth can only be damaged if you don't look after them properly during treatment.

The braces themselves will not cause any damage. But poor cleaning and too many sugary foods and drinks can cause permanent damage to your teeth. You need to clean your teeth and braces very carefully.

Because your teeth, and the roots of your teeth, move through the bone this can cause a slight shortening of the root. This change does not harm your teeth and should not stop you having treatment. Before having orthodontic treatment, it is important that any possible risks are explained to you.

If orthodontic treatment is carried out incorrectly, there can be permanent damage to the jaw bone, gums and the roots of the teeth. A fully trained orthodontist will make sure this does not happen.

Is orthodontic Puncak Alam work permanent?

It’s always possible that teeth might move. Orthodontic treatment aims to move the teeth into a stable position. This is complicated and needs a specialist understanding of where teeth can be moved to, and how.

The new position of your teeth should be a stable one. However, you should wear your braces for as long as your orthodontist advises. This will help stop your teeth from moving back to where they were. Even if they do this only slightly, you may be disappointed with the result.

You'll also need to wear a ‘retainer’ regularly for some time after your treatment has finished. This stops your teeth moving back to the position they were in before the treatment. We don’t want all the hard work you’ve put in up to this point going to waste!

How do I care for my brace Puncak Alam and teeth?

It is important to keep having your teeth checked by your dental team, at routine check-ups, while you are having orthodontic treatment and afterwards.

Clean your teeth carefully every day, including between your teeth where you can. Braces are delicate and you need to make sure you clean them carefully so that they do not break. Your dental team will be able to show you how to do this for the type of brace you are wearing.

Again, cut down on how much sugary food and drink you have and how often you have them. Also, sticky and hard foods may damage your brace.

Finally, brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day. Use a mouthwash if you need to. Your dental team may recommend a stronger fluoride toothpaste, or perhaps a fluoride gel or mouth rinse, for you to use.

How successful are braces Puncak Alam?

In most cases, orthodontic treatment works well, but you need to be committed to your treatment for it to be successful. Follow the instructions your orthodontist gives you.

While you are wearing braces, you need to be more careful about what you eat. To give your braces the best possible chance of improving your teeth, cutting back on sugary and acidic foods is a must. This is because braces can trap bits of food and cause more plaque to build up than usual. Plaque is a thin, sticky film of bacteria that builds up on your teeth.

You should keep seeing your regular dentist while having orthodontic treatment, and after your treatment has finished.

Dental Implant FAQ – soalan lazim

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Dental Implant FAQ - soalan lazim

Careline : 013 2348421

🔴 Apa kadar kejayaan utk surgeri Implant ni?

🔩 Dari 1975 - 2004, kadar kejayaan surgeri ni antara 90% hingga 100%,berdasarkan kajian klinikal.

🟠 Berapa lama tempoh utk rawatan Implant ni?

🔩 Rawatan Implant bermula dari konsultasi hingga ke surgeri pertama akan ambil masa lebih kurang sebulan, kemudian 2-3 bulan lagi utk tunggu hingga tulang & Implant betul2 stabil. Ada kemungkinan yg tempoh ni boleh cecah 6-9 bulan bergantung pada keadaan tulang rahang & mulut, kesihatan patient, kekuatan mengunyah & sistem Implant yg berbeza.

🟡 Implant gigi lebih mahal dari gigi palsu ke?

🔩 Betul. TAPI walaupun kos nya lebih tinggi, Implant ni separa-kekal, so sebenarnya boleh katakan lebih murah sebab takde kos tambahan.
Walaupun kos gigi palsu lebih murah, tapi lepas tu mungkin ada kos tambahan lagi utk penjagaan gigi palsu dlm jangka panjang.

🟢Boleh ke patients yg berumur dapatkan rawatan Implant ni?

🔩 Ya & tidak. Bergantung pada kesihatan patient secara keseluruhan & kesihatan oral.
Selalunya dr akan sarankan utk buat rawatan ni masa masih muda sebab keadaan tulang, tahap tulang, serta kedalaman & kelebaran tulang dimana Implant tu akan ditanam berada dlm keadaan yg lebih bagus.
Tapi, kalau lepas dr cek terbukti yg surgeri masih boleh dibuat dgn kadar kejayaan yg tinggi, jadi takde masalah utk patient berumur jalani rawatan Implant ni.

🔵 Adakah Implant ni ada komposisi (bahan) yg merbahaya?

🔩 Tidak. Implant diperbuat daripada titanium, yg terhasil dari udara, air & elektrolite yg lain.
Dgn tahap bio-compatibility yg bagus, Implant tak merbahaya pada badan manusia. Bahan yg sama (titanium) jugak terdapat dalam Implant yg digunakan utk merawat kemalangan & patah tulang.

🟣 Apa kesan sampingan lepas surgeri ni?

🔩 Selepas surgeri, muka & gusi patient akan rasa sakit & tak selesa sikit. Bengkak pada rahang atau rasa kebas pada bibir pun mungkin akan ada utk beberapa hari.
Tapi tak perlu risau, simptom ni akan hilang sendiri. Korg perlu dtg ke klinik utk follow-up supaya dr boleh pastikan Implant tu dlm keadaan yg baik.

Careline : 013 2348421

F.A.Q extra!

⚫ Sesiapa je boleh dapatkan rawatan Implant ni ke?

🔩 Kebanyakan org yg cukup sihat utk buat rawatan seperti cabutan gigi atau surgeri oral, sesuai utk dapatkan rawatan Implant ni. Tapi ada beberapa syarat tertentu utk dapatkan hasil Implant yg terbaik.
Antaranya, patient mestilah miliki gusi yg sihat & tahap tulang yg cukup utk menyokong Implant. Korg perlu rajin jaga kebersihan mulut jugak. Perokok tegar & org yg ada penyakit kronik perlu diperiksa dgn teliti dulu oleh dr kami utk pastikan samada mereka betul2 sesuai atau tak utk dapatkan Implant.

⚪ Sakit ke buat Implant ni?

🔩 Surgeri Implant dilakukan dgn memotong bahagian gusi sikit, kemudian Implant akan ditanam ke dalam tulang rahang menggunakan skru. Lepas tu gusi akan dijahit. Siap! Biasanya takkan rasa apa2 masa prosedur sebab dr akan bius dulu. Malah, lagi tak sakit dibandingkan dgn cabutan gigi biasa.

🟤 Macam mana cara penjagaan Implant?

🔩 Cara penjagaan Implant sama je mcm jaga gigi asal. Perlu jaga dgn baik termasuk la gosok gigi, flossing, kumur dgn ubat kumur mulut antibakteria & pemeriksaan gigi berkala. Tak perlu penjagaan istimewa pun utk Implant ni👍🏻