Bruxism / Contact Sports Mouthguards

接触式运动护齿套 / Alat perlindungan Mulut

What is Mouth guard?

mouth-guard is prescribed to combat Bruxism (teeth grinding) or For patients Engaging in Contact Sports or other Physical Activities that Might Place Their Teeth In Danger

High Risk Activities In Risk Of Damaging Your teeth









Outdoor Fishing

When Do you need a Mouth Guard?

1. Bruxism

When you see the surface of your teeth go flat due to unconscious teeth grinding during sleep

2. Sports Activities

It is highly recommended to get a pair of Mouth Guard for any sports activities.

We also Fabricate Soft type Custom Mouthguards

Our Mouth-guards are fabricated With The Highest Quality soft Type Polymer Which Are Imported Overseas. These Polymer plastics are Tested & Found To Be Able to Withstand High Tensile Forces & Pressures.

Most of The Time, We are able To Diagnose Whether You Need a Mouthguard During a 5 minutes Diagnosis Dental Session In one Of Our Dental Clinics.

Typical Fabrication Time needed For Our Custom Mouthguards are usually 2-3 Days only

Example of A Custom Mouthguard

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