4 Unit Anterior Bridge

April 18, 2018 0 Comments

Porcelain Fused Metal ANTERIOR Bridge – Finished Product
Porcelain Fused Metal ANTERIOR Bridge – with Tooth Coloured Porcelain Covering Back Area too
Porcelain Fused Metal ANTERIOR Bridge – Natural Looking
Before & After Professional Dental Photos Shot Using Entry level DSLR – CANON 750D

Back Story: Unsatisfied with her Old Removable Dentures, This Patient wanted a More permanent Solution Where She Will be Able to Smile Widely & Proudly without worrying about Her Loose Denture. As she Is Also a Previous Cleft lip & Palate patient, her Shyness has Stopped her from Visiting Dentists In Recent Years. Up until She found Dentist3 Clinic.
After Fabricating Her Custom PFM Bridge , she Was satisfied with the Results & Outcome & will Also Continue Her Other Treatments Here.