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🤔 Dental Implant FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is the success rate for dental implant surgery?

A: From 1975 to 2004, Implant success ranged between 90%mto 100% according to a clinical study. Reference) Immediate and early implant loading protocols : a literature review of clinical studies. J Prosthet Dent. 2005 Sep;94(3):242-58. Revi

How long is the Dental Implant Treatment Period ?

A: The treatment takes about one month from consultation up to the first surgery and another 2~3 months until the periodontal bones and implant are fixed firmly and the prosthesis is mounted. The period could be extended to 6~9 months depending on the condition of the jaw bones and mouth, your general health, chewing strength, and difference in the implant system.

Are Tooth Implants more expensive than Dentures?

A: Although the initial cost is high, implants are semi-permanent; thus, they are actually cheaper because no additional cost is incurred. In contrast, although the initial cost of dentures is lower than that of implant, additional cost may be incurred later.

Does Dental (tooth) Implant Contain Harmful Metal Compositions?

A: No. Implant is made of titanium, forming TO2 on the surface in air, water, and other electrolyte by itself. Boasting of excellent bio-compatibility, implants are not harmful to the human body. The same material (Titanium) is also used in other medical implants during accidents and bone fractures.

What are the post-surgery (after treatment) effects or side effects?

A: After the surgery, your face or gums feel stiff and sore. Swelling may also cause the jaw or lips to be numb for several days. Still, there’s no need for you to worry; these symptoms will subside over time. You might also need to return to our clinic for follow ups to make sure that your implant is in good shape.

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