Great Smile

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A great smile with straight white teeth is everyone’s dream.
But not everyone can wear a metal braces due to some reasons such as work nature.

For ms M, on her research of a way to get a straighter smile, she come across clear smile and dentist3! 🦷

Through an initial consultation with our dr, they agreed to continue with the invisible braces (clear smile)! 👍🏻

We proceed with taking an xray, teeth impression, and photograph.
After around one month, we start with the treatment on her 1st set of clear smile.

Plus, since they are removable, it makes eating, brushing and flossing easier, thus a better oral health!

Now, ms M’s journey is almost done and a big different can be seen on her teeth structure😎

We are happy to be able to give our best services to a good patient like Ms M 👌🏻


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