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25 Videos About Dental Implants . Malaysia

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This video shows a single stage implant placement with a healing abutment in which an impression can be taken after 2-3 weeks after healing abutment placement to take impression for the PFM (Porcelain-fused-metal) Crown


Dental Implant Related Treatments (Short Videos)

Two Stage Implant Placement, Lower First Molar

This movie shows the Two Stage dental implant placement method. In this situation the flap is raised to expose the bone. The bone is drilled to prepare it for the implant fixture which is placed and then covered with a “cover screw”. This cover screw is very thin and just covers the opening of the dental implant. The flap is then repositioned over the implant and sutured into place. After the appropriate waiting time the implant is exposed, the cover screw removed and replaced with the healing cap. The tissues are then repositioned around the healing cap and allowed to heal. After the appropriate healing time the healing cap is removed and the crown base and the implant crown are placed on the dental implant fixture.

Complete Anterior implant Procedure 2 Stage Movie

This movie shows how we replace two teeth in the Maxilla. Implants are placed and the tissues heal over them. The patient is able to wear a provisional partial denture during the waiting period. The implants are exposed and healing caps are placed. They are then restored. This is called a ‘two stage’ type of placement where we leave the fixtures subgingival at initial placement.

Implant Bridge 3 Unit – Posterior Maxilla – Movie

This animation shows how we can replace 3 upper posterior teeth with two implants and a bridge on implants. This can be done only if there is lots of bone and good size implants to support the 3 unit bridge. Too small of an implant or too long of a bridge will cause too much pressure on the implants, causing them to lose bone and fail.

Bridge Replacement with Two Implants

Lower Anteriors Multiple Implant Movie

This movie demonstrates the loss of the lower incisors. The missing teeth are replaced with dental implants, abutments and crowns. These restorations preserve the bone and prevent the need for cutting down (preparing) the natural teeth for a bridge or the need for a removable partial denture.

Immediate Implant Placement with Minor Bone Grafting (Guided Bone Regeneration – GBR) – Movie

Sinus Lifting Using Hydrolifting Technique

Crestal Approach (hydrolifting technique) using saline to lift the sinus membrane to allow adequate bone height to place dental implants

Implant Supported Dentures

Immediate Implant Placement Lateral No Flap

This movie shows how we can remove a tooth with minimal trauma to the area including no gum retraction. The tooth is removed with just slight retraction of the gums. The dentist drills in the same area and then places the implant in the same area where the tooth was. During the waiting time the patient can wear a temporary denture to replace the tooth. After the waiting period the healing cap is removed and the tooth is restored with a post and crown.

Sinus Lifting Prior to Implant placement

This movie shows how we can perform a sinus lift grafting procedure as well as implant placement at the same time.

How 2 Lateral Teeth are being replaced with dental implants

This movie shows the steps of a single stage placement of an implant and then a crown. It is called single stage because the healing cap is placed at the same time as the implant fixture, eliminating another surgery to expose the implant and place the healing cap. After a few months of healing the healing cap is removed and the final crown restoration is cemented on top of the post and core.

This movie shows the replacement of a bridge with two implants. In this situation the two abutments or teeth that are holding the bridge are too stressed because of the long span of 3 teeth they are replacing. The 3 teeth can be replaced with two implants and a smaller bridge on these implants as seen in this animation.

This animation shows 2 dental implants placed. Ball attachment abutments are connected to the dental implants and O-ring attachments are placed in the denture to keep it in place.

This movie shows how we can perform a sinus lift grafting procedure as well as implant placement at the same time.

Anterior Implant with Lingual Access screw retained Crown Movie

Anterior Implant with Lingual Access Movie

Implant Placement Right Central Metal Post and Core and Crown

This movie shows the replacement of the upper right left tooth with an implant fixture metal post and cores and porcelain bonded to metal crown.

Upper Jaw Multiple Implant Movie

This animation demonstrates the loss of all the back (posterior) teeth on the patient’s upper right jaw. The missing teeth are each replaced with a dental implant supporting a post and core and a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown.

Posterior Bridge Replaced With Implants

This movie shows a posterior lower bridge with the distal tooth needing extraction. Since this tooth is what supports the bridge the two teeth that are replaced by the bridge (pontics) will need to be removed as well. If the bone is adequate the implants can be placed in the pontic areas at the same time as the tooth removal or at a later date.

Bone Grafting before placing Dental implant

Various Dental Implant related Treatments (Short Video)

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