Wisdom Tooth

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Mr E is Dentist3’s regular patient. He always visit Dentist3 for his regular annual check ups and dental scaling. 😍

During his last visit, Dr noticed he has a impacted lower third molar. He was advised to take an xray to check the position of the tooth and the nerve. After viewing the xray, Dr advised him to extract the tooth as soon as possible so that it won’t cause any pain in future. 😁

Mr E wasn’t ready as the tooth need to be removed by performing a minor oral surgery. He took a few weeks to prepare himself mentally and physically. 😇

Mr E finally decided to extract the tooth as he started to feel pain caused by the impacted tooth. 👌🏼

Unexpectedly, the surgery took more than an hour because the root was stucked underneath the bone. Dr had to separate the tooth into pieces for easy removal. 🤩

At last, we successfully removed the tooth without leaving any fragment in the socket. 🦷

Even the procedure took longer than usual and Mr E was very tired, he is still very happy and satisfied as the wisdom tooth was finally removed and he is free from the persisting throbbing pain. 😊

Thanks for choosing Dentist3, Mr E ❤

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