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Are you having a problems such as crowded & crooked teeth, protruding, or out of alignment? 🦷
No worries! Conventional braces are able to solves this problem.
It helps to move teeth to ideal position hence makes our appearance better and give out an attractive smile😎

Not only for appearance, misaligned teeth can also caused many other problems such as difficulty to maintain oral hygiene, improper bite, tooth decay and also gum disease😱

There are a few types of braces but conventional braces is the most common types.
Many people also choosing this type if braces for it’s cheaper price, stylish looks and the ability to correct mild-severe cases😌

Not only we offer a cheap and affordable price for our conventional braces at only RM4xxx, but also with a low deposit 👍🏻❤️

You can also come for an initial consultation with our Dr first.
How to book your slot? Easy, just call/whatsapp us anytime! 👌🏻


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