Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom teeth are the third molars in the very back of your mouth. In many cases, wisdom teeth serve not much use and they are hard to clean due to their position in the very back of your mouth which causes cavities. 🦷

Dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth if they don’t fully emerge. Many dentists believe it’s better to remove wisdom teeth at a younger age, before the roots and bone are fully formed, and the recovery is faster after surgery. This is why some young adults have their wisdom teeth pulled before the teeth cause problems. 🧐

Removal of lower wisdom teeth mostly need minor oral surgery. The gums will be incised, small amount of bone around the tooth removed and stitches will be placed after the surgery for fast healing. Minor oral surgery will be done under local anesthetic. 🤩

Having pain on your lower back jaw? Yes, it’s your wisdom tooth. Don’t wait till it get worse, visit Dentist3 today and get rid of the pain caused by wisdom teeth 😍

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