Porcelain Fused Metal Dental Crown

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This is a PFM (Porcelain Fused Metal Crown) Meant to provide extra protection for your Root canal treated tooth (RCT) Bahasa : Sarung Gigi PFM

Raya Promo 2018

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2-10pm For Fasting Month

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Good News! We are OPENED Monday – Thursday 2-10pm For Fasting Month Hotline: +60132348421 WhatsApp : tiny.cc/dentist3bsc Waze : Dentist3 Bandar Seri Coalfield


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Not all braces are created equal! Finish Fast… FLAIR SLT™ BRACES Dentist3™ Dental clinic is also providing this brand for our patients. Give us a call today!  If you’re looking for the perfect smile you always wanted, having a good set of braces for fast, comfortable, high quality treatment matters most to you. It is …

Opening from 2pm – 10pm (last patient at 10pm)

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Dear Beloved Patients, Dentist3 Clinic will be testing New Opening Hours during Puasa Month from 21 May 2018 – 24 May 2018 Monday to Thursday We are Opening from 2pm – 10pm (last patient at 10pm) ________________________ Selamat Sejahtera, Klinik Pergigian Dentist3 Branch Bandar Seri Coalfields akan Test Waktu Pembukaan Baru semasa Bulan Puasa dari …

Dental Treatments During Puasa Month 2018

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A lot of patients would ask the dentist, what treatment can we do when we are fasting and what can’t we do. We would like to try our best to clear your doubt for this matter. From what we know, as long as water or liquid doesn’t enter the throat and stomach, then fasting won’t …