iPad Prize Received from APPLE Malaysia

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iPad Prize Received from APPLE Malaysia iPAD BOUGHT! Dentist3.1™ *New* iPAD 2018 Lucky Draw [Contact] Call Us Today +60132348421 WhatsApp Links http://tiny.cc/dentist3bsc

Effective Dental Whitening Preview [有效的牙齿美白 – 漂白牙齿]

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[Contact] |Call Us Today +60132348421 +60123448421 WhatsApp Links http://tiny.cc/dentist3bsc http://tiny.cc/dentist3btp 有效的牙齿美白 – 漂白牙齿 ‘

4 Unit Anterior Composite Veneers

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4 Unit Veneers Komposit Anterior 四个前面的牙片

Dental Products 牙科产品

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Dentist3 Product 480p Curaprox Premium Toothbrushes – RM 25 nett [AVAILABLE]  Systema Sonic Toothbrushes + Sonic Refill Packs [AVAILABLE]    Systema Sonic Toothbrush – RM 75 / Set (Inclusive of battery) Sonic Refill Packs (2 pieces) – RM 18 / Pack , RM 33 / 2 Pack    

4 Unit Anterior Bridge

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Back Story: Unsatisfied with her Old Removable Dentures, This Patient wanted a More permanent Solution Where She Will be Able to Smile Widely & Proudly without worrying about Her Loose Denture. As she Is Also a Previous Cleft lip & Palate patient, her Shyness has Stopped her from Visiting Dentists In Recent Years. Up until …

挑牙根. Rawatan Akar Gigi (Endodontik) .. (Tak Payah Cabut Gigi bila Sakit)

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Apa itu Rawatan Akar Gigi dan Kenapa Prosedur ini diperlukan? 挑牙根 Dr Gigi di Dentist3 Clinic akan Cadangkan Rawatan Akar Gigi (Bahasa English: Root Canal Treatment) jika Gigi Tersebut Telah Didiagnosis sebagai Gigi Yang Tidak Boleh Diselamatkan Dengan Tampalan Gigi Apakah Manfaat Rawatan Akar Gigi?  Rawatan Akar gigi Boleh Elakkan Gigi tersebut Dicabut (extraction) dan Boleh …

Lucky Draw Round 2 Winner!

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Congratulations Ms Eve! Finally came to collect Your Prize! (you will need this… hehe) For those who would Like to Win Yourself an iPad! This is Our Round 3 Epic iPad Lucky Draw Prize!

Wisdom Tooth Removal

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Wisdom Tooth Removal In Dentist3 Dental Clinic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️   Thanks Staff Nurse from HKL for trusting Our Services! (thank goodness that small root tak Patah!) ? Hotlines: +60123448421 +60132348421   WhatsApp: http://tiny.cc/dentist3bsc http://tiny.cc/dentist3btp  

Our Klinik Gigi Pictures 2018!

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