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All-in-one Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgical Package which includes care package

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  1. Come in for almost free dental consultation with in-depth understanding of the underlying causes and treatment options for your impacted wisdom tooth
  2. Book an hour appointment to have your wisdom tooth surgically removed 
  3. Receive after treatment care package from Dentist3 Dental Clinic 
  4. Come back after 1 week for sutures removal (if needed)


  1. Datang untuk check up pergigian pemahaman yang mendalam mengenai sebab dan pilihan rawatan yang mendasari gigi geraham (wisdom tooth) yang bermasalah
  2. Appointment atau temu janji ditetapkan untuk prosedur Pembedahan kecil untuk buang gigi geraham anda
  3. Dapatkan ubat antibiotik & ubat tahan sakit dar dr Gigi Dentist3 Malaysia
  4. Kembali selepas 1 minggu untuk ambil keluar jahitan *sutures anda


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Wisdom Tooth impaction can cause :
1) Erosion Cavity – this happens when your 3rd molar is “impacted” or impinging your 2nd molar (second molar) and cause dental caries or cavity at the root or crown of your second molar

2) Dental Cysts – although quite rare, this condition like a cyst can destroy your bone and damage your other tooth as well (your second molar)

3) Crowding – your 3rd molar (wisdom tooth) can also push harder against your other teeth and will cause your front tooth and other teeth to be misaligned and crowded over time

4) Gum (gingival) infection and inflammation – your wisdom tooth (third molar) will also cause bacterial and food impaction around the area which ultimately will lead to gum infection which will cause you pain and discomfort on and off


Example Case:

Thanks Staff Nurse from HKL for trusting Our Services!
(thank goodness that small root tak Patah!) 🤣

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gigi geraham

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gigi bongsu

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3rd molar

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wisdom tooth

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wisdom tooth surgery